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Some notes translated from Sleeping Cats Records (St Petersburg Russia):

Ryerose were a group that has existed for a brief period, left behind themselves only one record, but this record I can call one of the brightest stars in Emo \ xk horizon beginning zero.
Educated in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) in the autumn of 2005, formed by two of the best Peter Helmisom friends and Craig Woods. They grew up together and played in several Ryerose groups such as The Combine, well, they are more commonly known by D'Amore.
Ryerose to Craig also played in the Fall On Deaf Years, La Clef, Towers (during Ryerose group Towers was his side project-and he still plays it). Almost all of these different species groups emo \ hardcore, and this edisntvennoe that unites them, the group is quite versatile.
Well actually Ryerose: Craig Woods was on guitar and vocals, Peter Helmis on bass, Eric Fitzgerald guitar \ vocals and Chris Howell on drums .
Eric and Chris migrated to Philadelphia from New Jersey in 2004 and played together in Ryerose group A Petal Fallen and as Peter and Craig were good childhood friends.
In August 2005, the two of them formed a band Pyramids, which played in parallel with Ryerose.
Ryerose immediately began actively rehearse and give concerts, the material does not take long, in January 2006 they recorded eight songs (they all had names) in the studio Steve Roche. Steve is very well-known person on the U.S. hardcore scene, moreover, that he has his own studio, but he also starred in such well-known groups as Saetia, Off Minor, This Machine Kills, Yaphet Kotto, plus everything together with Greg from Saetia founded Level Plane Records.
This entry boys distance themselves as CD'R, released only about 50 copies.
I am very impressed with this record, eight songs, eight beautiful songs in the style of Mineral and Edaline, very high quality, soulful record, every song on your nice.
January 2006, only releasing the disc and only lasted a few months, Ryerose give his last concert in the club Be Happy House (Philadelphia).
And they broke up because Chris decided that Philadelphia was not for him and returned to Seattle soon for them followed and his friend Eric. As in Ryerose, they could not continue their activities in the Pyramids, but unlike Ryerose, after their departure, the band continued to exist. In July 2006, during the holiday season, they stopped in Philadelphia to his old friends and even Ryerose played a reunion show.
Peter and Craig did not think to move from Philadelphia native, began playing together in the group with a straightforward name Peter & Craig, later as a couple played Kick Rocks.
Peter has played in Halfway to Holland, but it is more commonly known group Algernon Cadwallader.
Craig with the guys from Rosetta still playing Elder, also Egggs, recently founded Craig Woods & the Hot bagels and throws his old band Towers .
Despite the abundance of projects of the group, but Ryerose, it seems to me, stands out a bit, these guys for such a short time recorded eight sincere songs go unnoticed, but this is the group that should not be ignored.
"we Poured our hearts into these songs ", say the guys, and listening to these songs you sincerely believe it and feel it. In 2011, St. Petersburg leyblik "Sleeping Cats" published 40 here is just such cute kassetok (with the consent of Craig) at home I have such and will have still a very long time


released January 1, 2006

craig woods - guitar, vocals
eric fitzgerald - guitar, vocals
peter helmis - bass
chris howell - drums

recorded by steve roche in west philly over one weekend in the year 2006.

ryerose existed in 2005-2006 (with a show in 2007) and played shows only in philadelphia and seattle.



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